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Dr Morris Jones B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D.

For more than a decade, Dr Morris Jones has been an internationally known and respected authority on space exploration. He has written more than 100 articles, appeared on global television, and written high-level academic reports.

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When Men Walked On The Moon | Space Exploration | Morris jones
The Adventure Of Mars | Morris Jones



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Pack your bags, put on your spacesuit and get ready to be taken on the Ultimate Adventure through the vast realms of space, onto the surface of the MOON, then onwards to explore the mysterious Red Planet, MARS! "When Men Walked On The Moon" and "The Adventure of Mars" and save Twice:

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When Men Walked On the Moon | Space Exploration | Morris jones

When Men Walked On The Moon "The Story of Apollo"

Mankind’s greatest adventure. Our first footsteps on another world.

Share the astronauts life as they prepared for, and blasted off to, THE MOON. beautiful photography and fast-paced text.

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This is the story of the Apollo program.

"When Men Walked on The Moon" This was the most glorious of times and adventure in the history of mankind when mankind did something NEVER BEFORE ACHIEVED – men walked on the Moon.
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The Adventure Of Mars | Morris Jones

The Adventure of Mars

Mars remains one of the most exciting destinations in the solar system.

Mars has always been the enigma. The object of mystery. Canals on Mars? Are there really Martians?.

Meet the Viking landers and Mars Exploration Rovers:

  • What did they really find?
  • Could Mars once have supported life?
  • How has Mars changed? and Why?
  • How do you drive a rover by remote control from Earth?

Explore the planet with stunning photographs from high-resolution cameras.

Come share in the SEARCH for life on Mars..

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"The Adventure Of Mars" by Dr Morris Jones details the amazing story of the machines that have visited this planet, and prepared us for the day when humans will go there.

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